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Yes, we send your orders anywhere in North America! PPNY deliveries are managed by UPS services. Please, keep in mind that some shipping destinations might have delays for distance and weather issues.

Two things can affect your delivery time, the shipping method you have chosen and where your order is being delivered.

The good news is that our shopping cart counts with a 'turnaround calculator' so that you can get a time estimate in seconds. Remember that the 'Turnaround Time' refers to how long it will take to us to print it, and 'Delivery Time' start to runs when UPS has your package ready to send.  

Please note, weather issues and holidays can affect the times we give you. Also, there are some products such as Premium Business Cards, Tickets, CD and DVD products, Booklets, Calendars, Note Pads, Hang Tags, and Stickers can take a little longer to print, so, it's much better to allow an extra couple of days for delivery.

For those 'can't wait' orders, we have the following turnaround time option available to the US destinations only:

• Next Day Delivery (orders must be placed before 5 pm, New York time) 
Yes, you can track it.
It's not available in Premium Business Cards.  

• 2 Day Delivery (orders must be placed before 5 pm, New York time) 
Yes, you can track it.
It's not available in Premium Business Cards.  

• If you are too hurry, choose our 'rush job' option. Your products will be print and ready to delivery in just one day. (orders must be placed before 5 pm, New York time) 

Yes. Our PPNY team will send you an email as soon as your order has been dispatched. Also, you can follow up your order with the tracking number we provide you and link to the UPS's web site.
The tracking information and updates on the status of your order are also available in 'Your Account.'

Off course you can. All your orders will show up in your PPNY account, and we'll let you know if your product is being processed, designed, printed, or has been shipped. Using your account, you will not lose the track on your order in transit.


Yes, our doors are always open for those who want to come by. 'Pick up orders' are available Monday through Friday from 11 pm to 5 pm. Remember, our printing store is only located in New York City at 2961 Ely Avenue, The Bronx. It doesn't mean people from other states can't come and visit us; everyone is more than welcome.

We dispatch orders every weekday, Monday through Friday (aka business days.)


Oh yes, we do. All our premium and large format products include free shipping (it doesn't matter where you are.)

Yes, but just the necessary. We keep your name, email address, and a list of your previous orders, to make it easy for you to reorder.  To learn more about it, please click on our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, we do! You can get a 10% off on your first purchase -exclusive to students.-
Also, if you are a student related to this industry -- as designers, photographers, producers, etc.- We'll give you a 15% you can enjoy up throughout your career. Just sign up into or website and provide us with any information that valid you're a student (if it is a university id, please come by our printing shop to activate your account.)

First off, thank you for trusting us! Once we've received your design request, our design team will give you a call and notify you they're starting the artwork. Plus, you'll receive an email with all the details and our design form. 

Yes. We give you three hours to edit your order before we send it to be printed (the 3-hours edit window will appear until 5 pm New York time.) If you need to change anything on your design, just go to your account, 'Orders' and select the order you'd like to change.
Please remember that once the order is marked 'In print production,' 'Ready for pickup' or 'Delivered,' it's usually too late to make changes.  
If you think you've made a terrible mistake and need some help, give us a call or send us an email at We'll do our best to help.


The total price of your order will depend on which product and finish option you've ordered and where you are located.  Plus, you can choose from different turnaround times and delivery options that suit you best.
All our products are in our shopping cart, in that way you can get a quote in few seconds. 
If you would like to talk with someone in our support team, please contact us at (212) 335-0105 and let us know the product you'd like to order, finished, quantity and the shipping destination. We'll help you out with all the required information.

You'll find where to valid your discount or coupon in the last step of our payment process (aka check out.) After you verify all your order information, you'll find a text box asking you for your 'coupon code.' As soon as you type the code, you can redeem your discount on the product you are ordering, and enjoy the pleasures of 'lower prices.'


Unfortunately, we've never officially made design discounts. For us, someone's creative work can't have anything less. However, there are a wide variety of products that are available for any discounts. Just in case you enjoy promotions (as much as we do,) sign up our newsletter to get more and more.



You can pay your order with Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards, American Express and PayPal (that includes American Express, Maestro, Visa Delta or Visa Electron.) 
We also accept cash payment, just in case you visit our printing shop.

Yes, we offer this option for those customers who come to our printing store located in 2961 Ely Avenue, The Bronx, New York. Please, keep in mind that we can't print your order till the payment has been made.

Yes. We are severe when it is about your credit card information. That is why we use the most data security systems for handling online payments. Your credit card information will never be stored on our computers.

We worry to hear that. Please contact our 'customer care team' right now at (212) 335 - 0105 or send us a message to


Yes, you can have one of our PPNY Sample Packs for free. Plus, we offer our premium PPNY box for just $10.00. You'll be able to touch, feel, and see our wide diversity of products, papers, and finishes options. Just click here to have one. 

Yes, we do offer proofing services. After you upload your design to the PPNY website, our team will verify and let you know if your order is ready to print by email. 
If you are in the design process and have some doubts about the font size, colors or distribution, you can download the free proof we send you and check if everything is going 'just great.'



Yes. We've been working with 'PPNY Resellers' for a long time ago. So, if you would like to use our products for your clients, we offer a reseller program that includes special pricing, secure online ordering, and a team dedicated to you. For more information, please call at (212) 335 - 0105 or email us to
Click here to fill our 'PPNY Resellers Form.'

In PPNY, we offer exclusive discounts and a dedicated team for a business of 10 or more employees to order all our Business Cards and Stationery products. You just need to sign up on our website and give us a call at (212) 335-0105 to enjoy the benefits of a partnership with PPNY. 

All depends on the product and the quantity you have chosen for your event. Once you've placed your order, give us a call at (212) 335-0105, and we will fix a price together. We'll help in any conference, trade show or event you have in your schedule.


Yes. All the orders delivered by UPS services are trackable. As soon as you place your product, we'll send you an email with your order and tracking number. Just click here and find out where is your product.

You can check the status of your order by clicking on 'Orders' section on 'Your Account.'
With our 'trackable shipping' option, you will be able to track your shipment via the UPS  website.

Please, remember that our delivery times are estimates, and subject to variations (because of the weather, holidays, UPS delays, etc.) Please be patient. If your order hasn't arrived five working days after the estimated arrival day, call us. Occasionally, the postal service can have a very busy week, and the things can take longer.

Please remember that different products have different production and design times. Most of your orders are dispatched from our printing store within three business days. 
However, some products such as Stickers, Hang Tags, Booklets, Calendars, Tickets, Premium Business Cards, NCR and Large Format products can take a little more time.
If your order has been in 'printing status' for more than five business days, something is going wrong -- machine issues, production or design errors.- It's always better to be patient, but if you simply can't wait, please give us a call and let us know about the problem, and we'll fix it out as fast as possible.

You're way important to us, and we'll try to help you always you're having troubles. If there is an emergency, call our customer care team, and we'll see what we can do for you. 



Sorry, no. Once the order has been placed, there is no possibility for us to modify the paper type or finish. If you've noticed this error within a couple of hours of placing the order, you will be able to cancel and then reorder with the necessary changes.

Sorry but no. Once you place your order, we can't change your shipping address. If you urgently need to modify the address, please call us. We'll help you on what we can. 


Unfortunately, once you place the order, it is a little bit complicated to change the shipping option from our website. If you need (really needs) to switch the shipping speed, feel free to give us a call, we'll do our best to help you.


If the order has already been submitted, it is a little tricky to add more quantity or finishes options. However, if it is crucial for you to change anything relate with this, get in touch with our 'customer care team,' we'll find the way to help you.

All depends on how far through the process you are.
• As soon as your order is placed, you will have three hours to change or cancel your order before it is processed. Also, you'll be able to modify the design or images during this time. Please, remember that you cannot change the shipping method, quantity, finishes or add additional products to the order once it's been submitted. 
• If you'd like to modify the artwork, go to 'Your Account,' the 'Orders' and choose the order you need to change. Those changes are allowed till 5 pm, New York time.
• If you see your order marked 'In print production,' 'Ready for pickup' or 'Delivered,' It is too late to make any changes or cancellations. 
• Please, feel free to call us if you need any help. We're here for you.

Sorry, no. You can only cancel the whole order.

Off course you can. Visit 'My account,' then click on 'Orders,' and locate the product you'd like to reorder. 
You will be able to order a replica, just clicking on 'Reorder,' or modify it a little if you wish (click on 'Edit order')

Sorry, but no. We'd like to offer this option, and we're working on it, but right now it's not possible to make design modifications and text on our website. 
However, if you hire our design team, we can make simple changes for an extra fee. please, remember that the price can vary according to the changes you want to make.

As soon as you submit the order, let us know if you've placed two orders in succession to the same address. We'll see what we can do for you and your pockets.


We're sorry to hear that. Please, contact us (ASAP,) let us know the order number and the what the problem is. We'll do our best to fix it.

We try to ship the whole order together. However, in some cases, there are delays on specific items, such as premium cards or large format products which take longer to print. That is why we split up your order to reduce the impact of any delay. If you still concerned about any missing item, let us know, and we'll help you out.

If we'd like to see the damaged order, we'll let you know.

We'll always try to fix any problem you can have and make sure you end up happy with your order. If you have questions or complaints, please let us know. Our biggest concern is to give you the correct order as quickly as possible. If that's not feasible, we'll give you your money back. 

Sorry, no. Once our creative team has started your design and gave you some proposals, we're not able to return the money.  However, they'll find the way to make a design that fits your expectations.


Sure! You can upload your artwork by clicking on 'UPLOAD YOUR FILES.'
If you'd like to design your printing products, click on 'YOU MAKE IT' and start to use our online design studio, upload your pictures and logo. 

To give you high-quality printing results, we only accept PNG, JPEG, and PDF formats. 
We recommend these files:
• For pictures high-resolution JPEGs 
• For graphics print-ready, vector based PDFs
• For graphics and images mixed print-ready PDFs


Even if these terms sound a little tricky, they are very simple!

• Bleed
This portion of your design will be cut to give your product the final size. Its purpose is to make sure your design reaches the edges of the printing product, leaving no white edges.  
If you're making your design, you'll need to make your artwork 'full bleed' by adding 0.125' per edge. You can find some templates available for every product here.

• Trim
This part is the final size of your printing product after the 'bleed' has been cut. 

• Safe Area
This area inside the 'trim' is in charge of keeping all your valuable information well away from cutting machines. Anything outside of this area runs the risk of being cut off.

Still confused? Visit our support section for more answers and detailed information.

We try to cover all the size on our guidelines templates but, sometimes there are shapes we've not added. For this reason, your design may not fit our templates 
When you upload your artwork and start to position it, make sure that any text and relevant information is within the safe area, and your background extends long enough to reach the bleed.
If you still need 'that particular guideline template,' feel free to give us a shout at, specifying the file size.

Honestly, we don't recommend using borders or centered graphics which embrace the edge of the safe area. Our products have 2.5" cutting tolerance; it means that the borders or margins run the risk of being slightly uneven. The smaller the border, the more you will see the imperfection. For better results, we highly recommend removing the margin and making it full bleed.

To save you more and more time, we've created three simple rules to help you upload the best possible format for print. Please take a look at these simple steps before you place your order.

1. Double check that you've added the 'bleed' in your design, filling this area with any background color or images. Don't forget, all important parts of your design should be within the safe area. 

2. Keep your text in vector format using applications like Illustrator, InDesign, and recent versions of Photoshop. 

3. If your design is a mix of photography and text, make sure the picture you use is 300 dpi, and save your artwork as a PDF file. 

When it comes to graphic and text, there is nothing better than submitting your design as a vector based PDFs. This type of formats will ensure your lines and text are nicely printing.
You should also double check that there are no cut or crop lines and any fonts used are embedded. More questions? Feel free to give us a shout at


Uploading photographs or non-vector files? Please make sure your design is no less than 300 dpi. Remember, large, high-quality JPEGs will give you the best printing results.

We always send the approval of your design in 'CMYK preview' to make sure you can see colors as similar as they'll be printed. However, PPNY cannot guarantee 100% match because colors may change according to the screen you look at.
If you'd like to print a proof to be extra sure about your design, give us a call, we'll help you out!

Try to use at least 8 pt text size on your design. It's very common that small text looks good on screen but does not print well.
For incredible printing results, keep text in bold color, made up of one or two inks (C, M, Y or K.)
Whenever you print lines in a solid or dark color, these should not be thinner than 0.5 pt. In case you're using lighter colors, we recommend 1 pt. Make sure all fonts are embedded or outlined.
Cutting, crop or trim marks are not necessary. We apply these as we send your files to print.
If you'd like to hire our design services, just click here for more information.


Of course! We believe design always finds a way. That is why our creative team will help you to develop your branding and marketing materials from the very beginning til you're satisfied. Let's impress your customer altogether.


We like to think small budgets should never stand in the way of great ideas. That is why you can find very cost-effective prices in our shopping cart. Beginning from $69.00 -small marketing materials- to $250.00 and up -large format, booklets or premium series.-
If you'd like to hire logo design, social media post or stationary design services, click here for more information.

Because these are small projects, we only start making your design when the total price has been canceled. However, if you'd like to talk to a real human being about the payment method, just give us a call, we'll be happy to help you. 


Our design crew can make from logos and social media posts to business cards design and stationery. Interested? Give us a call or click here for more info. 

After you've chosen your product and its features, it's time to fill the form! Seven super easy questions where our designers will see and understand everything you'd like to include in your design -such as color, shapes, images, etc.-
Once we got your answers, our design crew will start making your artwork within three business days. You'll receive an email we like to call Approval, in this sheet you can find your final design and double-check if everything is good to print or need to add anything. 
Remember, if you have changes and modifications, these should be sent by email.

For better results, we ask for two major revisions which include graphic and text changes. 
If you request too many modifications, we'll let you know when these will have an extra charge.

Sorry no, our designers count with tons of work and sometimes a face-to-face meeting is a little complicated. However, our customer care team will contact you as often as you request.

As soon as our team receives your design form, they'll get in touch with you and let you know if your designer is ready to begin. Within three working days or less, you'll be aware of the progress of your job through our approval process. Once you are super sure about the final design -and have made all the changes,- our designer will upload your files to production. 
Remember, because of company policies, changes, and approbations should be reported by email. In that way, both you and your designer can keep a written record. 

Wow, we're happy to know that! Unfortunately, we don't give editable files. If you hire our logo design or social media post service, you will receive all your files in EPS and high-resolution JPEG formats. 

Sure, we would be more than happy to give you a hand with your existing design. Click here or give us a call to give you a custom quote.

Oh no, you can login into your PPNY account and click on orders. Once you've located the work you'd like to reprint, click on 'reorder,' and you'll pay just the price for the printing process.

Yes, we can. Give us a call or click here to give you a hand with a custom quote. Keep in mind the price might vary according to the number of text or images changes.

Copyright for all design made out by our creative team transfer to you as soon as the full payment has been completed. However, we reserve the right to use any work as part of our portfolio or for promotional purposes.

Sure, we can accommodate rush jobs immediately, depending on the complexity of the project and how full our designers are. Give us a call and let us help you very fast.
Remember, these works are subjected to an additional charge. 

Don't worry, call us. We'll listen to your needs and tell you what your choices are. From giving you a hand choosing the perfect paper to design advice, our team will be close to you at each step. 

Create great design takes time. However, we always try to make it in three days or less- depending on the project. Once we've sent the first approval to your email, how fast your work is done depends on:
- When your content is ready.
- Your timely feedback.
- The number of changes you might have.

Sorry, no. Once our creative team has started your design and gave you some proposals, we're not able to return the money.  However, they'll find the way to make a design that fits your expectations.


For this type of works, you'll need to create and upload two files:
1. Your Artwork (if possible a PDF file in CMYK)
2. For the element that is going to be foil stamp or spot UV (PDF only and black & white.) All the black parts of this file -layer- will indicate which parts of your design will be spot UV or foil stamp. Anything white won't be printed with any printing effect. 

For extraordinary results on your design, we recommend the following parameters:
- Design or background: Upload it as vector based PDF, saved in CMYK. We'll print this file the same way as all regular products.
- Mask layer (spot UV or foil): Saved in CMYK and PDF only. Remember, the back parts of your design will be printed in foil or spot UV. 


You can give us a shout by phone or email.

• Call us at (212) 335-0105
Monday - Friday 
11:00 to 5:00 (NY Time)

- Sorry if we don't answer on holidays!

• Email Sent!
We often reply by the end of the next business day.
For technical and artwork guidelines questions, email us at