Special Delivery

A wait is too late, that’s why we are excited to present our Next Day Delivery, it means: make an order during the day, printing at night and has it in your door the very next.

But, remember send your order before 5:00 pm, for have your products in a snap. 

Oh no! These products are not within

Even awake all night, we can’t do it –we have to admit it’s tricky to finish on time  

Booklets (From 6000) • Calendars (From 6000) • NCR Sets. • NCR Books • Catalogs (From 6000) • Doors Hangers • Envelopes • Labels (From 11000) • Folders • Note Pads • Name Tags.  

What About Design?

This is where it gets interesting! When this service arrives, you are counting with two different times: “Next Day Delivery” and “Design time” –This could have 1 or 6 days more, all depends on the time you choose- is a little long while, but we are sure, you’ll be blown away with the results.

You’re Still Unsure?

We’re always here to help and answer each question around, so please call us at: 212.335.0105 or send us an email to: sm@proprintingny.com





Turnaround FAQ's

You Have Order Online? How it works?


Yes, we are more geeks now and is because your order is better just a click away, just create your user and fill out some blanks and… It you’ll log and start making your first order

I Need a ‘Little Less’ Quantities… Is that possible?

Well… you can choose it, but the price will be the same than the nearest quantity.  Let’s make an example: if you want 50 postcards, they’ll cost the same as 100 postcards. So we really thought that is better take them all… is just an advice. 

Oh no, I forget it… Can I Upload New Files While The Order Status Is ‘Approved’, or ‘In Print’?

Sorry, no… Once we have your ‘approved’, the work begins. But that is why we offer our ‘free proof’ just, take your time and review it as many time as you want before send it.

Using Our New Shopping Cart

The price of your product will depend on: product type you’re ordering, paper stock and finish. We also have two different shipping option and our improved design service, so you have more options to pick your the best. It’ll be a modern way to have all the information that you want about our product and the different possible prices in less time than with a call.




Alert: Weekends and Holidays coming!


Here’s how it works: When we receive your artwork during Friday morning, right away we print it in the night and it’ll be ready at very next day.
But it’s too weekend for send them, (the post office refuses to work Saturday, Sundays and Holidays), just like that, we can ship your order as soon as Monday comes. However if you need your order soon, you can pick it up in our store, we’ll be there to help!

I have many artworks to print… Can I Upload a File That Comes with Multiple PDF pages?

It can be a little confusing for us, so we recommend –for better results- that each file comes with a maximum, two page per product ‘front and back’. –We’ll say thanks secretly

Can I Send Off My Files? How?

Off course you can! Just upload your files in our website or do it by email… You even can come to our store and upload it from your drive.

Can I Have a Price Quote?

Definitely! Our new and improved Shopping Cart is ready to give you a price quote in seconds, so you can get one just with a click. Simply go to the Shopping Cart (or follow the link) and select each option in our ‘Price Calculation’. We’ll show you all the types of products that we have and how you can make them.

I Want a Customized Price, from a Real Human Being!


We can understand that! If the option that we have in our Shopping Cart are no enough or you have any question, the please contact us and let us know the products you’d like to order, paper type, finish and the shipping time. We’ll call you back as soon as we have the necessary information in our hands.