Ideas that take hundreds of pages

Printing Catalogs and Booklets

• Choice of three different premium papers. -Each of them comes with an extra 'wow' detail. 
• Print the 'perfect number of sheets' for your ideas, projects or portfolio. Options start at 8 to end in 96 pages. Cover included. 
• Plus, double-sided and full-color options comes included in the total.


Let's talk about paper



Super thick, extra glossy paper

When it comes to bright and super strong papers, our 10 pt premium cardstock is a perfect choice. This option will help you make great first impressions and catch your target's attention. 


Thickness and matte finish

With our 10 pt cardstock, your cover will get everyone's eyes at the very first look. It comes with an extra classic matte finish perfect to add that 'special touch' you're seeking to feel. 


Inside Pages

Matte premium paper

Our 70 lb weight paper with an opaque finish is a very cost-effective option to print as many pages as you need on your booklets. Plus, this text stock is beautiful to touch and feel.

Card stock with glossy finish

Print your portfolio, projects or products catalog with our 80 lb premium paper. More? This option comes with a super shiny finish included in the price and will make your presentations stand out from the crowd.


Glossy, super strong paper 

100 lb 'aka magazine paper' is the perfect choice to print any content, images, and design. Also, this option includes an extra glossy finish and is super thick. Ready to give everyone a complete piece of your ideas?



Only upload Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and JPEG formats on 300dpi.

If you've hired our design team, remember to send all your text and editable files.

For more help read our Support section



No problem! Hiring our graphics services, you will have a customized design, eight corrections and a digital file for your social media accounts. Plus, a great 'behind-the-scenes team' ready to work with you.


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